Welcome to Raven International!

Raven Blair Davis, aka the Talk Show Maven and Queen of Internet Radio Conversion — is a columnist, speaker, author, celebrity radio host and executive producer.  She has over 25 years experience in telecommunications, tele-sales/telemarketing, customer service and management.

Raven is the Queen of Radio when it comes to interviewing thought leaders, celebrities, power business owners and… ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

After many years of searching for her purpose,  Raven is now fulfilling her lifelong dream. That dream, twenty years in the making, was realized April 23, 2006 when she broadcast her first radio show right from her own kitchen table.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio Raven resides in Houston, Texas where she is not only fulfilling her own purpose in life, but she’s on a mission to inspire others to do the same, by giving them the opportunity to shine in what they do.

As an award winning talk show host (named Universal 7 Radio Network’s “Talk Show Host of the Year” award in 2008), celebrity interviewer, columnist, speaker, author and executive producer of multiple radio shows, both live, on air and on the Internet, Raven has proven that the power of one’s voice can pave the road to success.

She’s a pro when it comes to interviewing thought leaders, celebrities, power business owners and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Here are just some of the people Raven has had the pleasure of interviewing on her shows:

  • Hip-Hop & Business Mogul, Russell Simmons
  • Featured in the Popular Movie, The Secret, Lisa Nichols
  • Talk Show Host, Montel Williams
  • America’s #1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield (co-founder of the Chicken Soup books)
  • Actress, Fran Dresher (You may know her better as “The Nanny”)
  • International Motivational Speaker, Les Brown
  • Marketing Guru, Alex Mandossian
  • Cookie Man & Literacy Advocate, Wally Amos
  • Self-Made Multimillionaire, Ali Brown

One of the things Raven Blair Davis is not, is a fly by night, one hit wonder! She’s got BIG plans for the future. Keep your eye out for all the wonderful things she has planned.

Raven is living proof that you CAN make your dreams a reality with a bit of hard work, dedication and desire. It’s up to YOU to make it happen. Every single person, even you, has the ability within you to become UNSTOPPABLE!